Riverworld I: Resurrection Day

Session Two

Run to the Hills

The PCs, with Bob’s support, decided to head up into the forested hills and look for means of defending themselves; Bob made the point that Mankind can be relied upon to assert his might in order to make things right…

The group found another Irontree in the hills with a mesa not too far away. We left off on the morning of Day Three, although some of the details of Day Two are going to be filled in with play-by-post “Midweek Tasters” over the next few days.

NPCs met:

  • Toccini, after disappearing for nearly a day, returned with a gaggle of women who had agreed to join the group: four Nicaraguans, two Hawaiians, and an African-American named Mabel Thomas.
  • When the group assembled for breakfast at their local mesa on the morning of Day Three, they were startled to see a body materialize in front of them! The man told a tale of waking up two days ago amongst a population of swarthy, short people who proceeded to beat and cook everyone else who was not like them. He truly believed he was in Hell. The man, Jeffrey Martin Carter, has been invited to join the group.

Plans hatched:

  • Tim came into his own this session after explorations found deposits of flint at the base of the valley cliffsides. He has prepared several bamboo spears, a stone hammer, and is drafting plans to create backpacks. The women Toccini brought back have proven adept at weaving baskets from the tall grass of the hill country and stripped bamboo. Tim is also drafting plans to create a bamboo platform in the lower branches of the Irontree to provide better shelter and defense.
  • Alex, after taking the lead in Session One, finally cracked from the enormity of the events occurring around him. After an orgy of mass hysteria gripped the Valley the night of Day One, the group (which had secreted themselves away sufficiently enough to go unnoticed) discovered a mutilated, partially-cannibalized body, the sight of which has driven Alex to begin drinking heavily.


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