Riverworld I: Resurrection Day

Session Three

Such Strange Goings-On

Alex ended up with some kind of stun stick courtesy of Martin Bixby, who disappeared the next day. Searches in the surrounding countryside proved fruitless, although Bob did report being set upon by three crazies when he ventured west. Bixby is the focus of suspicion between Tim and Alex, both for the stick and his lack of forehead runes.

Alex’s search of the hills did turn up a small cave in the cliffside, however. Close examination indicated the cave was a modified natural feature. Tim also found evidence of some sort of tripod structure having been stored inside. The session left off with Alex receiving a visit from a strange robed figure in the dead of night. “Seek the head of the River, the Tower of the Gods, to understand all,” it said, before disappearing into thin air.

NPCs met:

  • Aaron Burr and his camp of followers, who had coalesced around the next mesa over. Burr introduced the nomenclature of “grail” and “grailstone” in place of “copia” and “mesa”, respectively.
  • Some further knowledge was gained of other groups as well; Alex met the head of a faction of Nicaraguans grouped around a grailstone down on the plains. The man is William Walker, or “El Presidente” as his followers call him. This gray-eyed man seemed shrewd and calculating and did not seem to like Alex very much. Word also got back to camp that the other faction, grouped around a grailstone a mile to the south of Walker’s, is a remnant of about 300 Hawaiians, all of whom are following a man they call Lono. Supposedly he is building a raft to sail on the River.

Plans Hatched:

  • The PCs invited Burr to merge his group with theirs and he took up the offer.
  • Tim continues to work on his inventions with varying degrees of success. He did pick up some hot tips on flint flaking from a cavewoman named Olk who belonged to Burr’s camp.


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