Riverworld I: Resurrection Day

Session Nine

Gods of Riverworld

Campaign finis. But this is not the end of Our Heroes, who shall return in the next series: Gods of Riverworld! (Coming soon to an Obsidian Portal near you…)

A quick synopsis of the final session, then.

After 14 years travelling the Valley, righting wrongs and searching fruitlessly for agents of the “the Others”, the PCs encountered a massive, rigid dirigible dubbed the Parseval as it passed by overhead. Later that day, they caught it up where the blimp had put down for the evening. There they found it captained by Milton Firebrass, one of Sam Clemens’ inner circle from back in Parolando.

Reintroducing themselves to Firebrass (and meeting the blimp’s pilot, an Australian named Jill Guillberra, and the French duelist and writer Cyrano de Bergerac), they managed to secure a berth aboard the vessel. They did this because Tim had thought he’d recognized the ship’s engineer, Barry Thorne, as one of the people who interrogated him, Alex, and Bob all those years ago. The PCs were determined to find out if it was indeed the man they were looking for—and if it was, they were determined to slay him.

Firebrass revealed that Clemens had built his fabulous riverboat only to have it stolen by the treacherous King John on the day it was launched. Firebrass was chased off by the ship’s surface-to-air missiles(!) and was now racing ahead of the riverboat, attempting to reach the Polar Sea first.

As the Parseval made its way upRiver, Tim and Alex were unable to ascertain whether Thorne was simply a Canadian steam engineer, as he claimed, or one of the Others. Crippled by indecision and not wanting to kill an innocent man (they had noted that resurrections had stopped in the Valley about four years previous), they chose not to kill Thorne.

It proved a fatal decision. Having reached the Polar Sea, Thorne activated a bomb and blew the Parseval out of the sky. He did this when he, Jill, Tim, and Alex were aboard a small gyrocopter launched from the deck of the blimp’s gondola to descend to the Dark Tower. The force of the explosion not only killed everyone left aboard the blimp, but knocked the ’copter out of the sky. As they plummetted, Alex drew one of his steel swords and slashed Thorne repeatedly, striking out like a wounded scorpion. Crashing to the roof of the Tower, Tim and Alex miraculously survived the fall, but Jill was killed outright and Thorne was knocked unconscious, both by the fall and by the grievous wounds Alex had inflicted. The PCs finished the job by pushing Thorne off the edge of the Tower, five miles above the surface of the water.

The PCs were surprised to find access to the Tower both easy and uncontested. After exploring some of the vast interior and finding a long-dead corpse, mummified in the dry, recirculated air, they accessed the Tower’s computer and discovered all of Riverworld’s secrets.

Armed with this knowledge, and with the power of the Dark Tower at their fingertips, our heroes paused to contemplate the limitless future that stretched before them…


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