Riverworld I: Resurrection Day

Session Four

The Battle of the Plains

After Alex was visited by the Mysterious Stranger, he hatched a plan to get on the River and find the “end of the River”. After due consideration, this was judged to be the mouth of the River. The ongoing boat construction on the part of the Hawaiians provided a natural outlet for this plan. With Tim playing for time to finish his armor design, Alex arranged for passage aboard the Hawaiian flotilla—which happened to be commanded by none other than Captain James Cook! Or, as his Hawaiian followers called him, Lono. The PCs felt that Burr had proved a capable leader and felt they could leave their camp in his hands.

Tim’s second try at building armor failed spectacularly yet again. This time he sustained a major leg wound, although this, too, healed remarkably quickly. Tim also helped fight off an attack on camp by a band of crazed tribesman from some unidentifiable pre-historic North African society. They wore armor made of human skin and bore torches. Tim downed two men, one after another, and is now a combat veteran.

The pair, along with Bob Howard, having aligned themselves with Cook now found themselves drawn into a conflict with William Walker and his Nicaraguans, who were afraid the boats would be seized by jealous neighbors and used against them. Walker’s self-fulfilling prophecy led to war. The PCs were present for the battle; Bob and Alex participated, while Tim, still wounded from the mishap with the armor, sheltered in a dugout canoe they had prepared for fast getaway. Inside were supplies, both for eating and for crafting—Tim intended to keep working on his armor design, then move on to designing a bow.

Cook fell in battle and Alex took a nasty blow to the head; it was time to leave. The session ended with the PCs pushing off in the canoe, staring back at the riot on the banks of the River, wondering if more anarchy and bloodshed lay ahead of them…

NPCs met:

  • Captain Cook, now deceased

Plans hatched:

  • To sail down the River until they reach its terminus!


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